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Source Code Review

Our holistic approach towards secure code review makes us most suitable for all kinds of businesses. We help enterprises integrate a secure development life cycle (SDLC) to achieve the best security level with our broad platform of varied programming languages and frameworks review.

Secure Network Architecture Review

Network architecture needs to be created with a systematic approach, and this is what we have at Ikzero. We review the network by identifying the core value of the business and establishing a secure environment by focusing on the right security techniques; that elevate the company security posture.

APT Assessment

When it comes to the Advanced Persistent Threats assessment, Ikzero understands the potential consequences of data theft and threat actors residing undetected in the system. Our team is well equipped with knowledge, experiences, and capabilities to uncover the persistence to align security controls and needs with the business goals.

Social Engineering Assessment

Using manageable yet robust approaches, customized techniques, and ideas, we provide a complete social engineering assessment suite. We comprehend how one-person's negligence can bring your whole organization to the knees- We grasp the art of human hacking like no other.

Configuration Review

Your infrastructure is greatly depending on how you configure it. Let us help you lift your sole security functions and IT environment by our configuration review service to resolve your complex security issues present in your OS, applications, and devices.

Red Team Assessment

The threat detection and response capabilities of any business are what makes them run in today's world full of cybercriminals. With our red team assessment service, you can evaluate whether your current business' infrastructure is solid enough to counter a breach or not. Our team follows the frameworks and creates strategies that suit the most competent in your industry.

Penetration Testing Services

Our penetration testing team is filled with passionate and motivated people. We use advanced strategies and tools to help you identify the vulnerabilities in your systems, networks, mobile, and web applications with proper analysis of your business demands and model.

  • Web Application Penetration Testing.
  • Mobile Application Penetration Testing.
  • Client Based Application Penetration Testing.
  • System/Network Level Penetration Testing.

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