We are called IKZERO (1,0) not because of a fancy catch but for the services we provide.Our clients are our priority, i.e., “1”, and we are the “0” that adds meaning to the business security and safety by making it 10. Together, we can strive for every threat and attack coming on your organization.

At IKZERO we acknowledge long-term relations and mutual trust based on the requirements and expectations.

Our mantra is straightforward: Consult, Think, Develop, and yield the best interpretation to the clients with focused and separately managed security assistance to mitigate the risk emanating from cyberspace. We value time and money, and via our upbeat strategies and innovative approaches, we strengthen the security presence of the business’s internal and external infrastructure.


Ikzero is perfectly positioned to provide

its professional services that meet the rules, regulations, and requirements developed for the organisation to assure they are protecting the information appropriately. Our team remains committed to securing the organisation’s sensitive data from malicious entities, and we continually evaluate security plans to safeguard our customers and exceed their evolving requirements.

We furnish organisation's

with our thorough and exhaustive information security services through different approaches to ensure the most efficient and coordinated protection level for the organisation's’ best interests. Ikzero works to give ease to the client by surrounding them with close-knit and robust security